The success of a website is based not only on its specific content, but also on the entire consumer experience and the latter could be tremendously affected by the network connection to the server in which the website is hosted. A terrific Internet site will do no good if, for example, a couple of users can surf around it very fast, but the channel capacity is low, so other website visitors have to wait and are unable to load anything, or if everyone is able to reach the Internet site, yet the overall network speed is lower, so it takes a minute to open a page, let alone to load a big image or a video clip. The network capacity is a component which could have a major effect on your Internet site, so it's something you must take into consideration when you decide where to host your sites. High throughput and access speeds will ensure quickly loading Internet sites and more content site visitors.

2.5 Gbit Network Connectivity in Cloud Web Hosting

You shall never experience any difficulties with the access to any Internet site hosted within a cloud web hosting account on our advanced cloud platform. How fast your visitors will be able to browse through the particular site will depend solely on their Internet connection, due to the fact that the data centers where our website hosting servers are situated provide multi-gigabit connectivity and use redundant backbone providers to guarantee rapid and continuous access to all the machines. The data centers also offer direct optical fiber connections to a lot of large urban centers in North America, Europe and Australia, so when you host your sites with us, you'll enjoy an excellent site loading speed from any location throughout the world. We use powerful, high-quality network equipment to ensure that there'll not be delays of any kind whenever someone opens your site.

2.5 Gbit Network Connectivity in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our sophisticated web hosting platform’s multi-gigabit capacity will ensure uninterrupted access to your sites continuously and without any delays. How quickly the visitors will open any site you host within a semi-dedicated hosting account will depend on their own Internet connection, due to the fact that we do not limit the incoming and the outgoing speeds in the slightest. Our Chicago-based data center’s terabit fiber-optic connection to both the East Coast and the West Coast will allow you to reach tens of millions of users and potential customers from North America effortlessly. Hardware firewalls shall stop any unwelcome traffic to the servers to make sure that the channel capacity is used for legitimate traffic, while multiple Internet providers and a redundant network built with the latest hardware guarantee that your websites will be reachable all of the time.